More leads. Lower spend.

Our CRM for law firms will:

1. Send your prospects killer content

2. Automate both your prospect follow-up and your review solicitation

3. Monitor on one dashboard your marketing efforts and telephone follow-up

4. Save your firm hundreds/month with our business process analysis and Google apps

 1. Send your prospects killer content:

100-page book, 4-color booklets, extensive FAQs, educational letters…all specialty-specific & branded as from your firm.

Check out our content in the following practice areas:

 2. Automate your:

Prospect follow-up & review solicitation.

CRM for law firms

3. Monitor on one dashboard your:

Various marketing efforts & telephone follow-up to prospects.

4. Save hundreds/month with:

Our business process analysis, Google apps & VOIP telephone.

Nothing else like it.

Our software and consulting package differs three ways:

A. Specialized content.

Most marketing automation software tries to serve every industry and profession, so requires you to supply the content. But who has time to write and design multiple drip series tailored to each stage of the sales funnel?

The marketing automation portion of our software package comes pre-loaded with legal specialty-specific, high-quality educational content that will demonstrate your expertise and set you apart from your competitors.

Extensive and continually-growing bankruptcy, criminal, estates, injury, and Social Security disability content packages are included at no extra charge, including a 100-page book branded with your name and biography.

B. 5-in-1 package.

Marketing automation software usually includes one element – a non-specific CRM (customer relationship management). Our CRM for law firms contains:

1. A legal-profession-specific CRM that automatically sends quality educational content to your prospects.

2. Telephone software which tracks your follow-up efforts and allows unlimited dialing at no extra charge.

3. Google app installation that will allow you to drop other costly services and work more collaboratively.

4. Complete analytics on one dashboard which makes it easy to measure marketing results by channel, expand the efforts which are working, and discontinue those that aren’t.

5. Innovative review-generation software which will automatically build you an unrivaled collection of positive testimonials that you pre-screen before posting.

C. Marketing and business process advice.

Before we will consider licensing our software and investing hours in content personalization, software installation and staff training, we first analyze your marketing efforts and business processes.

We usually uncover wasteful marketing spending and nearly always find business efficiencies which can be had if modest changes are made. Monthly savings have ranged from 3 to 5 figures.

We charge nothing extra for our analysis and advice.

Your real cost will likely be $0

1. We are usually able to offset half or more of the cost of our software package with savings obtained by:

  • Eliminating your telephone bill,
  • Discontinuing or at least reducing ineffective marketing efforts, and
  • Dropping overlapping software and services that are no longer needed

2. Your big payback will come from increased revenue. If after reviewing your practice we don’t believe that our software and the business process improvements that come with it will generate more clients, we won’t license our software and content to you. Period.

“James’ marketing and business process analysis is saving me $14,000 every month in previously-wasted spending.”

Phil Lemmons

Probate, Fountain Valley CA

“My caseload has more than doubled. 90% of my new clients say they contacted me due to the positive reviews that James’ software generated.”

Loren Etengoff

Plaintiff’s personal injury, Vancouver WA

“My incoming calls have jumped and my revenues are up 22% since retaining James.”

Howard Snader

Criminal defense, Phoenix AZ

These practitioners continue to see steady improvement in their numbers after adding our CRM for law firms to their practices.

We talk to them and their teams almost weekly as part of our service. We provide ongoing training, introduce them to unused features, and continue our personalization and content additions.

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